Everything you need to know about eReaders

We have all heard of smartphones and tablets before, but what if there were a device that could replace them in some way? Is it possible for us to do away with the screens of our phones and laptops and still keep using technology and not miss out on the other benefits technology has to offer us? Well, today we will be answering several questions like these, and more! Let’s get started!

What is an eReader?

An eReader is any screen reader that can read your e-book or mobile website. They are designed specifically for reading electronic documents to help people who enjoy reading ebooks and websites, but most commonly they are used for online news and magazines.

The best eReader for each category we‘re going to look at is going to determine how much screen reading you can expect while browsing the app store, which I must point out is quite limited, especially when looking across the range of different types of eReaders available.

Ereaders – The Benefits & Drawbacks

If you are someone who appreciates technology and enjoys the convenience it provides, then don’t worry too much.

There are many ways to use eReaders beyond just reading books and articles. For example, there is software that allows users to convert PDF files into Kindle versions through the iTunes app or Google Chrome extensions.

It also gives you access to numerous audio libraries, which means you don’t have to purchase anything new, as long as you already have an older version of Spotify or Apple Music installed. And finally, we have apps and extensions that allow you to read content from magazines, newspapers, magazines, emails, social media pages, etc.

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Things you need to consider when choosing an eReader


There are a few notable brands that make one product that is very similar to the others but provide vastly different features, with some being better than others (think ‘Kindle vs iPad vs iPod’). This is true whether you buy it directly from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. Or have it shipped straight to your doorstep from Alibaba. So always check where the price matches the quality.


With that said, let’s take a quick look at the features you may find in your current eReader. Most devices will only work with English language text. If so, then you will have to download iTranslate as well, to translate into another language if necessary.

Not everything is restricted to specific languages, though, as eReaders tend to be fairly good in translating any kind of material between the two native languages. A few models also support multi-lingual reading, meaning users can work on one device and read texts in multiple languages simultaneously.

Some devices also come with built-in keyboards for those that prefer to type, as opposed to touch. While other devices include specialized braille readers or digital styluses such as fingerpads to help ease the process of reading.

Many of these features will vary greatly by brand, so be sure to read reviews before buying if you’re unsure how versatile the device is. Additionally, some manufacturers will offer extended warranty coverage so that you don’t have to pay extra for something.

Finally, not all models have dedicated backlighting to help read in dimly lit rooms, as many will include additional elements. However, unless you are planning on working or studying in dark rooms, these add-ons would likely be unnecessary.

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When it comes to compatibility, there are certain titles that might need extra plug-ins or drivers. Some can read without special programs, whereas others may require high settings.

Certain models such as Firebooks or Nook will need both Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi to work properly unless otherwise stated on the packaging.

Another option to consider is having multiple USB connections to ensure you can stream music and videos without interrupting whatever else you are doing. In short, the choices are endless when choosing a device that will fulfill your needs!

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